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We bought a couple of OK Drifters used (think they must be a much older model). While we had read reviews talking about the water in the cockpit we thought 'it can't be that bad' since they are rated for 400-500 lb capacity. 5'4" size 6 female sat down and immediately found herself in 1.5 inches of water!! So, scupper plugs are a necessity not an option in this vessel. With practice golf balls firmly stuffed in the scupper holes and a thick pool saddle for a seat that provides comfort & back support, we can finally enjoy time on the water with these kayaks. I found an Airhead Sun Comfort swim saddle for $15 (at a local large retail store) that is 1.5" thick foam with more of a material feel - not slippery vinyl feel. I like to sit on the small side with the large part supporting my back, but others in my group sit on the large part. Bonus, your seat becomes your relaxing floaty on breaks! With these cheap modifications in place - we actually really like these kayaks. They have ample storage, SUPER stability and are just great for a quick trip to the local lake to do a little fishing.

We mounted this on a Sundolphin Aruba 10. The product itself is well made. It is very short and doesn't cover much, however it does help a little with sun & splash. We had to add a pop rivet hook to the lower rim of the cockpit on each side to secure the bungee since the Aruba doesn't have a very defined rim, but it stayed in place all day with a 10 year old in early spring. To be honest, we probably won't use it much because it did not seem to make a huge difference overall. It might work better on a different kayak or make a bigger difference in colder regions.

Perception Pescador sit on top is really a great kayak. Tough hull, very stable, doesn't turn like a white water yak but not bad. Tons of storage in this boat, I ended up with everybody's stuff. The seals on the storage wells are tethered which is a bonus. For me the foot well were perfect and actually I enjoy the heel support you don't get with pegs. Being able to adjust the back was great during a long day on the river and I found the paddle bungee really helpful the few times we had to portage. Highly recommend this Kayak to anyone.

This is the cheap model sold at Academy Sports. The paddle does a good job and comes with foam grips and drip rings which are nice. 3 position Paddle will adjust 60° left or right. The shaft is kinda fat and overall the paddle is a little on the heavy side for all day paddling. But at this length probably well suited for big guys with big hands and muscles.

We bought this yak cheap at a scratch and dent sale, so for the price we paid we were pleased with it for a spare for friends and grandkids to use. I personally used it recently and liked that it was very light and enabled me to cruise across shallows while others in my party were wading across. Of course the compromise is that the plastic is pretty thin and dents easily making weak spots for the hull to crack (as witnessed at sale). does not provide much for deck storage and access behind the seat but if you are just playing for the day a small bag cooler will fit and do the trick. Oh and you will want to bring a cushion. The foot pegs work and were easy to adjust.

This yak handles well. Good stability and decent tracking. Foot wells are spaced right with heel support. Lots of storage and the seals are tethered to the hull. Adjustable backrest makes for all day comfort. Having four handles is... well, handy. Hull is made of thick plastic and seems really rugged and durable. 3 rod holders is great especially having the one in front of you! Makes switching easy.

The good -Rugged hull, nice foot pegs that are easy to adjust and adjustable back rest adds to comfort. Tracks well and feels super stable (secondary stability) Large opening of cockpit is great for big guys not to feel crowded and allows you to keep tackle handy. The trade offs - does not come with bungee to hold items in storage area in rear. If you are a smaller person the cup holder/storage in front of you is really kinda far and you will need a thick cushion under you to make paddling easier or your arms will fatigue from having to hold them so high to clear the sides.
So big guys - this boat is for you! Little lady? you will need to adjust...

Seasense X-Treme II Kayak paddle - I bought this paddle for an affordable entry level/beginner paddle. Compared several other cheap paddles, I love this one! It is light, smaller shaft size than some is nice for smaller hands, comes with foam grips and is adjustable. I recommend it.