Name: timbo_222

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Perfect yak for up to class III. Turns on a dime, very easy to maneuver. When you hit the calm sections drop the skeg and it tracks strait with little effort. Only complaint is the hull is a little soft and sharp rock scratch deep.

Universal konsole that fits a number of kayaks. I put this in my Perception Prodigy 120 and it fits like a glove. I mounted a rod holder to it to avoid drilling holes in my boat. It has 2 cup holders which fit most standard size beverages. The negatives now: it is overpriced for what it is. The $70 price tag for a molded piece of plastic is too high. The dry hatch does not stay dry and is sometimes difficult to open. This thing dig and cut into you chins so you may want to pull out the dremel and cut some of that extra plastic out of you way. It is a good idea but needs some improvements and a lower price.

This is the best bargain that I could find in a paddle. It is made completely out of carbon fiber and goes on sale at Academy Sports and Outdoors for $99 on a regular basis. It is super light weight and very rigid. I used and abused mine and it shows no wear. It has a bent shaft and weighs in at 32 oz.The only bad this is it is only available in one length. I do not know of a better paddle out there for under $100.

Owned this kayak a little over a year. Have paddled flat lakes, slow river, class II rivers and ocean. I am satisfied with its performance. A couple of negatives though. The rear hatch does leak. Not too bad though, I just keep my gear in a dry bag. The cockpit is too large and takes on water too easily in the surf and in class II rapids. They make skirts for it but I believe it is too large for a skirt. Other than that it cruises well, stable enough for me to stand in, turns easily when i want it to and tracks strait.

I am very impressed with this yak. I use it for surf and bay fishing. It is very stable and cruises well. Very easy to maneuver and tracks strait. I am 200lbs 5'8" and fits me great. Pretty dry ride without plugs. Comes with 3 Rod holders that are well placed and the seat is comfortable. The only negative is no drainage for the seat so when you get water in it you stay sitting in a puddle. Other than that I would buy this kayak again and would recommend for fishing.

This review is on the older 2 hatch model. This has been a great kayak. It is comfortable and has lots of speed. Turning is made easy with the rudder but a chore to without. This boat is great for lakes and ocean but I would not recommend it for narrow rivers. The only real complaint I have is the seal around the hatches do not keep water out and the whole hull is open inside and not divided so something that you put in the front hatch you may be taking out of the rear hatch.

Have had this canoe for years. Handles gear and 2 people or 3 people and no gear well. Fun to paddle by yourself or with a friend. This thing is durable and if you treat it right it should last a lifetime. The only real downside is that it is heavy. That is expected for its size and material though so just get a friend or a canoe cart to help you get it to the water.

This canoe very closely compares to my Grumman. It is near identical in size but I believe it is slightly lighter. You will not easily carry it by yourself though. It is fast and fun to paddle by yourself or with a friend. Can hold 3 people or 2 with gear and feels stable. Well constructed and should last a lifetime if taken care of.

This is my go-to kayak. It is plenty fast, stable and easy to maneuver. I have used it in ocean, lakes and broad rivers with up to class II rapids and it has never disappointed. Light enough to load and carry to the water by myself. Really I have no complaints on this one.