Name: dltigerjohnson

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I have owned my Commander 140 for 3 years. It is my go to fishing kayak--I also have a Native Ultimate 14ft, Native Magic 14ft and 10ft Old Town Vapor Angler.

The Commander is so stable I am able to stand and fish at will. It tracks well and is fairly quick to paddle. The seat is comfortable but I rarely use it as I often paddle from the perch position. The one thing I would add if I designed it would be a small watertight compartment--I use a waterproof bag for my wallet, keys etc.

This yak is a lot like the Ultimate but it sits a little higher in the water and has better displacement. I also think it is more stable (the Ultimate is still very stable). All in all if u could only have one yak this would be my choice.

It needs a skeg. Tracks ok when paddling but when u stop it veers left or right making angling with it difficult. I have a W/S Commander 14ft, a Native Ultimate 14ft and a Native Magic 14.5 ft kayak so I do a lot of paddling.

For a 10ft yak it is fairly quick. I am 5'10" and weigh 190lbs this yak has no problem with my weight even when loaded down. The seat is not bad but not good. I simply put a padded seat on top of the stock seat and I paddle in comfort. I put a small skeg on it and I love this small yak now.

If u are looking for a yak to fish or hunt out of this one needs to be on your list. Its light, rugged and fairly quick. U will need a skeg or rudder but the yak is well made.