Name: NC887

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I've had the Dirigo 106 a couple of months now. I really like this one. I was looking for a shorter kayak that was stable & could handle some of the faster moving rivers here. One I could move around without a cart, yet has enough room to store some gear. Love the dry hatch in the rear & the small one in the front is great for the keys or cell phone. I see no tracking problem at all. When you need to turn it turns. It's a little noisy on the front when paddling fast. I don`t think it's that noisy tho even with the upsweep noise. I was still able to paddle up on 4 deer on the shore of a lake drinking water.
The seat is great also. Very easy to adjust the bottom & the back.
The hull seems to be holding up just fine. I do run around & hit rocks from time to time.
The bunge cords are nice on the front & rear. Great for bilge pump or gear & also to hook a paddle & paddle float in for getting back in if in deep water.
Not the fastest, but great for it's size. If I need speed then I use one of my longer & narrower kayaks.

What else can I say. It`s great on lakes , rivers. I sure it can handle class 1 & 2 rapids. Not sure if "I" can handle a 3... lol... Paddle safe... Denver (NC887)

Just bought the 138T this Sept. Only been in the water 3 times. Small lake,1 fast moving class C river & the sound. Great Kayak. The PloyLink 3 seems to be very strong durable. Being my first kayak I can`t compare to others. I like the 18x84 inch cockpit. I don`t feel so confind. It paddles very well solo. I havn`t tried tandem yet. Tracks very good. I`ve ordered the optional rudder. Mainly for at the coast. To date, it seems to be an all around Kayak for me. I think it will do just fine on some of our lakes & at the coast & planning on trying just a LITTLE white water.