Name: wwillard

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I've had my Castine about 6 weeks now. After paddling a Discovery 174, the Castine is a dream. It handles well, is very stable, and gives me more opportunity (excuses) to go paddling. I'm now in the market for another or the Adventure XL to be able to take along a guest. In my opinion, the Castine is a little easier to handle than the Adventure XL, but I like the slghtly larger cockpit opening of the Adventure. The red with black is beautiful. I get comments from boaters about how nice the Castine looks as it gracefully cuts through the water. The previous comments about handling well in swells and boat wakes goes ditto.

Bought my Discovery 174 about two years ago. I knew what I was buying since I had done research. I wanted a large capacity boat for flat water/tripping. So, yes, it handles like a sail boat in windy conditions on a larger span of water. With two adults or one adult and two teens it handles superbly under windy conditions. I solo a lot and have learned how to maneuver. No problem. I've even done class 3 rapids and come out dry most of the time. (To be sure this is not your whitewater canoe, but I could only buy one.) Realizing the weight, I built a cart to help with getting it to my truck. Works like a charm. Built like a tank? Sure. But that's what I wanted and I'm quite happy with mine!