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Name: PaJoe

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This review is on a previously owned Eddyline Fathom. The hull material is very durable, but will scratch if run against rocks or unforgiving docks. The seat is adjustable, but the connection is weakened over time by the constant pressure exerted during paddling. It broke, but I was able to fix it w/JB Weld. The backband support brace also broke for the same reason and I had to buy a replacement part. The hatch covers need to be protected w/ UV protectant or they will crack around the edges.

Having said all that, the kayak is the best I have paddled. Note my first kayak encounter was 65 years ago in a wood frame, canvas covered, duck hunting kayak. Several others since then, but this one is the best for me. At 49 pounds, it is still a good fit for me. The thigh braces are well placed, the adjustable foot braces are top notch and the skeg never fails. I can kayak camp for days due to the great storage available and the hull design makes for efficient paddling. I don't have trouble 'keeping up' with the youngsters in my paddle club.

The best part of owning an Eddyline is the personnel at Eddyline......always helpful and promptly reply to questions.