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I just purchased my third 140 - have one 120 also. Bought the first one 5 years ago - had canoed for 30+ years and am 6 ft and way large. I am an instructor and use the Pungos to overcome "stability" issues within minutes of launch.

I do not do sea kayaking but have had a few "white cap" issue in large lakes and no problems. I have paddled 140 rentals in Coastal Maine and the water was not flat and the Pungo was fine. I normally paddle 15-30 miles many weekends year round.

I read about all of the problems with these boats - deck rigging - took me two hours on each boat to customize mine and what paddler wants their boat the same as anyone else?

Flotation in the bow - a super large ziplock bag or another dry bag and you have your flotation. I would not want a bow bulkhead. When I camp I STUFF stuff until it is really full. I put my BIG AGNES bag in a compression bag along with my tent and it slides lovely into the bow along with many other odds and ends.

Fishing! - wow what fun in this comfortable sit-in - we have some very fertile lakes here - old reclaimed phosphate mines . The panfish grow to such sizes that they pull the Pungo around. Speaking of kayak fishing - I take newbies fishing. What a great tutorial for boat control. Fishing and river clean-up are great boat control tools and the Pungo excels in all of these.

There are many great boats out there but the Pungo line works for me as a touring, instructional, fishing and just all around fine boat . I have tried many boats and bought several and subsequently sold them.

When you look at a boat that you will spend HOURS in - look at the Pungo behind the seat storage. I put a day pack, large Camelbac, rain gear and a small soft sided cooler back there.