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Extreme Reviews

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I rented 2 of these double…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/17/2014
I rented 2 of these double Kayaks and Loved them. The kids played all day long and went out and enjoyed the River so much, We want to Buy one of these so we can go all the Time as much as possible its just not in my finances to afford them right now. Maybe someday, or if I win one

The Extreme is a sleek kayak…

Submitted by: paddler234585 on 6/13/2012
The Extreme is a sleek kayak that is both stable and fast. The amount of storage space is remarkable and the cockpit area has lots of room. It gives you the speed of a touring kayak with all the room you need from a fishing kayak. It is easy to paddle and extremely comfortable to spend hours seeking that trophy fish. The front area, when equipped with the Gator hatch, gives you plenty of room to carry your little one with you and to get them hooked on fishing. The sliding deluxe footrest and molded heel placements are great to help you with that extra power leverage when needed.

I've paddled and fished out…

Submitted by: paddler234489 on 4/11/2012
I've paddled and fished out of my Malibu eXtreme for 2 years and it has turned out to be a very tough kayak. It is my favorite for days when I know that I'm going to be going long distances in open water because it is very comfortable, tracks very well without a rudder while maintaining maneuverability, and is faster than many other sit on tops I've paddled.

One aspect that I like about the eXtreme is its unique profile. Like many other Malibu Kayaks models, the eXtreme's low profile sheds wind very well. This is one of the features that I think truly sets the eXtreme apart. The low bow also tends to punch through the top of large waves, but in my experience, this only makes it more stable in rough conditions because the kayak sheds water very well. I've never had it take on much water even after many hours out on rough water - certainly not enough to be concerned about.

The eXtreme is very stable and a comfortable fishing machine. It incredible space for storing gear, and I've never felt that I've had to leave anything on shore because the weight capacity is higher than other kayaks in its class.

The eXtreme is an incredible kayak for trolling. I've paddled miles out in Lake Ontario and in several of the Finger Lakes in Western NY to troll using Dipsy Divers.


I purchased my Extreme in…

Submitted by: paddler233591 on 5/17/2010
I purchased my Extreme in 2005 and have been using it to fish the Big Sur coast of California ever since. I have it equipped with the two rectangular hatches and the bow hatch as well as the rudder system. It has four rod holders the two factory installed ones behind the seat and two that I installed on the outside of where my feet are located.

I take this kayak out in BIG swell, sometimes 6ft sometimes 8. It is not a dry ride because it tends to punch through the top of waves and you will take some water over the bow. Some people think kayaks should go over the top of a wave. But what about the big ones? I would rather stay upright.

It is not fast but it is stable and tracks well. I have been 3-4 miles out and in some pretty sketchy conditions and I was very pleased to know that I was on this kayak. She can be a real mother to land though. it is a very flat hull and very buoyant so big wave landings can cause the nose to pearl and you will get ejected. Sometimes I dismount and hold onto the rear handle. Then it's all timing... push down hard on the rear and get in fast.

I love this kayak I wouldn't trade it for anything else but another Extreme. I do think there is a lot of room for improvement, first would be to change the front hatch to a "T" handle hatch like the one on the Cobra Navigator. Stronger, drier, etc. Second, turn the mid hatch sideways so it is easier to open between the legs. Third, a more pronounced keel ridge to stiffen the hull and improve tracking. I know this would make it harder to turn but that is what the rudder is for, and I use it out on the big water so I don't make many tight turns. Lastly, the rear tank well is very shallow so I use a large crate to mounted inside it to hold my fish. Some indentations like the one for the bucket that would help hold the crate in place would be helpful but this is just nitpicking the thing.

Overall if your going to do some "extreme" ocean fishing I highly recommend the Extreme.


The following is regarding…

Submitted by: paddler232734 on 7/9/2008
The following is regarding the "lack of quality" and attention to detail about my recent purchase (04/05/2008). I have sent an email to Malibu and I am waiting for a response.
  1. The tie-down brackets were installed incorrectly and the brackets are pulling off the kayak - the rivet penetrated too deeply leaving only one side attached.
  2. The 4-point hatch does not line up correctly with the base and it does not seal. I think this is a design flaw with the new Extreme.

My Extreme is 2 years old it…

Submitted by: paddler231258 on 8/16/2005
My Extreme is 2 years old it is stable fun has a huge storage hatch and weight capacity. It is a great fishing kayak I’ve had it in 2 foot swells a mile in the ocean.' The down side is it’s heavy and bulky. This makes and almost impossible to carry to the beach by yourself, also in heavy seas and surf the front hatch leaks and takes on water 10 or 20 waves over the bow you have a boat half full of water so make sure you have your pump.

I have had my eXtreme since…

Submitted by: paddler230927 on 1/9/2005
I have had my eXtreme since early September 04. It is stable enough to stand on. And I have had it out 2 1/2 miles to an offshore Oil Rig. There is plenty of cargo space. It handles well. And when paddling against a current I find it has to be real, real strong to stop it. I find its stability the best issue. No kayak is fast so I don't know that is an issue. But if your not doing whitewater or a lot of surf. I am very pleased with it.

This is truly a great yak! If…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/23/2004
This is truly a great yak! If you dive, snorkel or fish, check out the Malibu Exteme. My new Extreme tracks nicely and rides through the choppy Florida intracoastal waters with ease. I had taken out the Percussion Illusion and liked it, but I opted for the the Malibu Extreme... I was sold on the its hugh cargo capacity and terrific stability. For a sit-on-top, the ride is nice and dry... I love it! The Ex is fun, fast, stable and beautiful... Malibu kayaks are backed by a lifetime warranty! I highly recommend this impressive kayak.

The eX is IMO the finest…

Submitted by: Bernie_CNY on 7/13/2004
The eX is IMO the finest fishing yak on the market.Track's great and is the most stable yak on the market.Not many 15' yaks turn well but this one does.The speed is also quite good but they have slowed down a bit since Malibu added more plastic.They had a problem with the seat post's cracking.They stopped production till they got everything sorted out but the added material/weight has eaten up some of the speed.Slower than the OK Prowler but not by much.It has more storage space/weight capacity than you'll ever need.The deck layout is the best for mounting accesories.There's quite a few options/packages available from Malibu.I got mine with 4 flush mount rod holders.Two up front,2 behind the seat.The huge bow hatch can swallow anything.It's a "bubble" design and you can actually store stuff within the hatch itself.I also got the large rectangular hatch's right in front of the seat and another just behind the seat.These are great.I can get most of my rods,tackle box,etc in these without having to go up to the bow hatch.Not that that's a problem.The stability allows you to do anything you want without worry of flipping the yak.You can stand in this one.The boat is totally dry.No water comes in any of the scupper's.The TW is huge but not very deep.It has a slight round recess in the bottom for a bucket.Mine has the adjustable straps so nothings going anywhere.Went with the STS high back seat.Very comfortable and came with a zippered pouch on the back and two water bottles/holders.I use the bottle holders for my fly rods.They hold them great but not all fit depending on reel size.All in all an incredible yak.Just plain luxurious is the best way to describe it.If your looking for a big yak(14' or more)this one should be high on your list.Not as easy to deal with as smaller boats but they cant match it's speed or tracking.There's some hull slap but not as bad as the Cobra's.There's a couple that are faster and perhaps a little easier to paddle in chop but they just cant match the eX's "Fishability".Good luck!