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Name: paddletothesea

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This is THE BEST solo boat on the market. If your into extended trips and want a fast,stable,effiecient,roomy boat this is the one to get. I used mine on a 2000 mile solo trip in NorthernCanada for 7 weeks. I week totally self contained. So this boat will hold 7 weeks of food and gear no problem. It is stable in rough water, very maneuverable, and light weight for portaging. Foot controlled rudder is effiecient. Adjustable seat height. Has a sail mount and can be catamaraned together with another of the same boat. Spray cover is easily removable and effiecient. I was very confiedent in taking 340 pounds of gear solo in the bush and even on big waves(8 foot rollers) it never felt like it would go over. It was fast too, as I was able to keep up with tandem sea kayaks. I had no problem paddling this craft for as long as 17 hours days as it was so effiecient. To me there is no superior craft for solo expeditions than the sea wind!