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Name: Wildwater

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For 20 years, I've been looking for a fairly low-volume hard-chined classic Greenland woodstrip to fit my 5'10-5'11" height, size 10 shoes, 180-190 pounds. Bought and sold yaks too small for me, too large for me, too heavy for me. I was looking for a Guillemot Night Heron because it IS an amazing, fast hull (due to it NOT displacing a great amount of water forit's footprint). Anyway, Rob Macks (founder of Laughing Loon) HIT IT with this stripper. I cannot get my cockpit outfitting done fast enough. PERFECTLY balanced, sculling turns are easy (spray deck required), and the glide is hypnotizing. This yak is connected to you, responding as if to your thoughts. Haven't had it in big stuff, yet, but, if similar to my Current Designs Caribou S (similar lines), it will ROCK!!!

Well, my Summersong threw me. I am about 5'11" and 220. Tried to fish out of it in a sidewind, blowing down Lake Charlevoix. Went from kneeling to sitting and she threw me out. Still love her (took off the stupid rudder). Mine's lightweight Kevlar and is FAST. I paddle the Sawyer Autumn Mist when I am worried about capsizing. The Summersong is still my favorite (along w/the Bell Wildfire for rivers).

A bit slow as a solo, this would make a good, stable solo for a bigger person to paddle and fish from. I have a Kevlar Malecite, and it's very nice as a tandem, though I believe the composite Explorers (16'4") are a better choice. The Malecite's a GREAT choice as a tandem/solo for a family, but I think it would take on water in bigger rivers. The bow and freeboards seem somewhat low for big water.

Great canoe in Kevlar w/wood trim. Looks great, paddles perfectly, stable, fast enough. Safe and about STYLE...glenn

I like the Points. Didn't sell too well due to poor name recognition. I thought the cockpit was too high for most persons, but the depth makes the kayak good for bigger persons, who then complain about stability, which I don't have a problem with. I like the speed and fine turning ability. Too deep (too much volume) in the cockpit, but otherwise a great kayak.

FAST but ugly, turns GREAT. Great boat, just hate the looks AND it has NO personality. Still a 10 'cause it's so fast yet turns so well. Wow...

Mines lightweight fiberglass. Great kayak - wish they'd build it in glass, again, but I'm not sure how many would rush out and buy it. Stable and FUN for spinning out in the waves, fast due to the "sponson" design, somewhat negatively effected by wind. GREAT hull...

Stable for the width, during my first outing with the thing I was moving along quite fast without realizing it. Stuck my paddle in and almost flipped 'cause she was moving so much faster than I realized. Turns very well, fantastic speed. Love it.

Exceptionally fast kayak kept me ahead of all but the QCC's and Epics. I couldn't knee turn the damn thing when going all out, so I sold it. NOT good in surf, won't pull you out of the rough stuff. Good and stable in most wavy conditions, if you want FAST, buy it. If you want turning ability, get a home on a bigger lake...

What's not to like about the Caribou? Fast enough, turns well, fun in waves. I've not had it in surf, so not sure about this, but it's a fine kayak otherwise. Mine's glass with a skeg which is handy, but I never deploy it fully. Just nice to have a little skeg in the water when in the wind...