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Name: johnd

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An excellent boat in many ways, but it does have some faults. The most stable boat I've paddled. We once made a crossing in rough water when the boat felt sluggish. We soon discovered, halfway across, that our air sponsons were deflated. I,d opened up the valves at the last camp so they would not over inflate under a hot sun and forgot about it. We were a bit to busy to fill them now so we went on with a loose skin sliding around on the frame.Not to worry. Progress was slower and we wallowed around a bit, but we never felt like the boat was in any danger of capsize.

The single large cockpit is more practical as it allows better access to storage areas. Also allows some range in seating positions, which is very useful when paddling solo.

However, this cockpit is also my biggest complaint. The two seating positions are that close together that the stern paddler must be constantly focused on keeping time with his partner, or bang paddles. Read divorce boat. Get a single, or paddle this one solo. Or take you child, and give him/her a real short paddle

By far the best full size whitewater boat I have ever paddled, and I’ve paddled a few. Dry, stable and forgiving with unbelievable performance for a boat this size. The only negatives; you have to work hard in a big wind, and it's too heavy to be comfortable as a solo boat. I am reluctantly going to sell mine now that my wife isn't into the big whitewater any longer, but I’ll miss it.

Excellent boat for wilderness tripping. It's not the lightest boat around but certainly manageable on a portage. I carried one for five miles with a 2,000' elevation drop. It's not the fastest boat around either, but it is faster than an Explorer or an Old Town Tripper. And the hull is stiffer. Where it excels is in providing a stable dry ride in big water with maneuverability unmatched in 17' canoes. We've paddled them fully loaded for tripping in large volume grade 3 rapids as well as mid volume grade 3 plus.