Name: rrebuck

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I'm not a heavy user of my kayak, but it has worked well when I have used it. It's also durable, which was evidenced when my nephew inadequately loaded it into the back of a pickup truck and it partially fell out and was dragged a short distance. Somehow the cockpit got hooked on a paddle still in the back of the truck and I was concerned that it may tear/split/break the edge of the cockpit, but that did not happen. I'd never kayaked prior to using this one and am very satisfied with what I've been able to do in this kayak and wish I had the time to use it more. I got the angler package and the rod holder comes in handy. I do with that they had put one of the 2 paddle holding clips a little more forward because I hit it with my paddle stroke. I could probably move it myself, but haven't done so.