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This is my second Pack Boat (canoe) and a departure from all of the kayaks / surf skis that I have paddled since the 70's. My first canoe was 12.8 feet and quite a bit shorter that my previous boat (18.5'). This Shadow is much closer to my old Surfski in that it glides effortlessly and is easy to transport at 23 pounds. I am 6' at 190 lbs and the Shadow trims perfectly at this weight. It is stable and the back band is perfect for giving my old back the support that I need.

The fit and finish on this boat is extraordinary and it was well worth the (almost) year long wait for it to be produced. At 12.8 the old canoe would hobby horse in oncoming waves but this Shadow simply slices through. There are three seat height choices for this pack boat and you can also order it with a more typical canoe seat.

All in all I am happy as a clam in this Placid Boatworks Shadow and plan on many years of paddling enjoyment with this great craft.

I have been paddling boats of all types since the 70's with the Swift Cruiser 12.8 being my latest acquisition. At 73, with an untreated hernia, it became apparent that I needed a boat with a decent seat back. I had never heard of packboats & paddled mostly kayaks but was searching for a new, light weight, boat. Enter the world of packboat canoes.

The last canoe that I had paddled was a heavy, aluminum, Grumman so the experience of paddling a solo canoe at 22 pounds was an eye opener! In Florida you don't see these boats often so I had to purchase one from a store in Connecticut & have it delivered. All of the hassle was well worth it.

The 12.8 Cruiser is light weight, has a very comfortable seat (with lumbar support) and tracks straight and true. My boat is all carbon with a carbon / Innegra weave in the hull. You sit low to the floor with your legs forward on adjustable pegs and I use a kayak paddle most of the time. For paddling in confined spaces (Mangrove Tunnels) I will switch to a canoe paddle which works just fine.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this Swift 12.8 canoe as I can easily hoist it upon me car racks. It provides more space to pack gear if so desired & the fit and finish of this boat is excellent.

This morning was the first paddle on my Stellar surfski...... and I didn't fall off once!! I went to Ballard Park in Melbourne because there is a sandy shoreline. Unloaded the ski from on top of my Volt & changed into something to get wet in.... The air was still "cool", sat in the bucket, pulled up my legs & waited to roll..... nothing. Started paddling, even adjusted the foot straps & still didn't roll over.

It felt so good to be back out on some glassy water, checking out all the beautiful water birds. I told my GF that this has always been like a meditation for me!! Some background, I used to kayak, waveski & surfski in the 70's but moved on to windsurfing & surfing again. Now at 66 I have the paddling bug again!

This 18 footer is a dream to carry, sit in and paddle. I have the "Advantage" layup (35 lb) and it is effortless to pick up and move. In the water this thing glides so easily that you can either set up a workout or sit back against the bucket back (very comfortable) and just cruise.

I had been looking for a kayak but found that my arthritic knees didn't agree with scrunching up to enter the cockpit.... so SOT, but which one? The new hybrid surfskis are a great answer as mine has two bulkheads, two hatches, tiedowns behind the bucket and adjustable foot braces / steering.
To say that I'm happy with the purchase is an understatement.