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The Cruiser is a canoe brought to you by Swift Canoe & Kayak. Read Cruiser reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you!

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I have been paddling boats…

Submitted by: hodad66 on 9/2/2021

I have been paddling boats of all types since the 70's with the Swift Cruiser 12.8 being my latest acquisition. At 73, with an untreated hernia, it became apparent that I needed a boat with a decent seat back. I had never heard of packboats & paddled mostly kayaks but was searching for a new, light weight, boat. Enter the world of packboat canoes.

The last canoe that I had paddled was a heavy, aluminum, Grumman so the experience of paddling a solo canoe at 22 pounds was an eye opener! In Florida you don't see these boats often so I had to purchase one from a store in Connecticut & have it delivered. All of the hassle was well worth it.

The 12.8 Cruiser is light weight, has a very comfortable seat (with lumbar support) and tracks straight and true. My boat is all carbon with a carbon / Innegra weave in the hull. You sit low to the floor with your legs forward on adjustable pegs and I use a kayak paddle most of the time. For paddling in confined spaces (Mangrove Tunnels) I will switch to a canoe paddle which works just fine.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this Swift 12.8 canoe as I can easily hoist it upon me car racks. It provides more space to pack gear if so desired & the fit and finish of this boat is excellent.


Recently compared 2015 Swift…

Submitted by: paddler236436 on 8/18/2015
Recently compared 2015 Swift 222 Cruiser to older Souris Quetico 17. The cruiser was faster and tracked better with light loads (both tracked well loaded up). Swift build quality seems a bit higher. Bought the cruiser. This model is not listed in the catalogue and uses the Sawyer mold. They don't always offer it, but if they do, I would try it out!

I've been on the hunt for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/17/2010
I've been on the hunt for this boat for a few years now after paddling a friends Cruiser. So when I heard that Swift Canoe and Kayak was building the legendary Cruiser once again, I jumped on the chance and ordered one.

With a full season of paddling on this boat, I can now say it is by far my favourite out of the countless ones I have paddled over the years. Not only is my boat unbelievably fast and able to clean house at any regatta. But it also has a surprising amount of initial stability (for a boat of its speed), along with phenomenal secondary stability. It takes bad weather like a champ, making high winds and rough seas nothing more than a bad joke!

But the one thing that impressed me the most was the quality and attention to fine details that guys at Swift put in to building my boat. I have no complaints about my boat, and in my personal opinion it is second to none. Oh, and she only weighs 36lbs!