Name: sailwings

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This is the first inflatable I considered purchasing. It just fits in the trunk of a Mazda Miata with the accessories in the passenger area. Going to the put in with the top down! The higher pressure enables a rigid hull. It easily matches the speed of a recreational hard shell kayak. Stability is fine. I'm 6' tall and fit well with the foot pegs all the way forward. It takes some practice to get the kayak down to the original size to fit back in the bag, but doable. I substituted the seat with a preformed foam blank from Redfish Kayak, and trimmed it for a friction fit with the sides of the kayak. More comfortable. I used a shoulder strap from a camera case for a minimalist but adequate back band until I adapt a small whitewater back band. A negative is that it is more difficult to get all the water out of the inside of the kayak in the crack where the bottom meets the sides. Overall I'm happy with the kayak.