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Name: cominco

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I paddled a Prijon Seayak down the Mackenzie River in 2001 with enough stuff inside to last roughly 30 days. The boat worked well; I still use it every day. I like them

I sail my Seayak all the time with a 1.5 meter Pacific Action sail and when sailing it is the only time I use the rudder. I have no trouble holding a course in the wind and actually sailing into light to medium winds is easy - no steering needed. Sometimes in a stiff downwind I will use the rudder as it is a bit easier than corrective strokes with the wind behind me...

I run a number of PA sails and will be switching up to a larger one this summer. At the moment I run the PA_s110 the 1.1 meter sail and I run this on a Prijion Seayak for 6 years now no problems. I have no trouble with the sail furled and laying on deck. I could see it being a problem as some folks buy large sails and mount them on shorter kayaks and things could them be crowded. A bit of thought when mounting is handy. I taped my rig to the boat took it out and sailed it on 3 of the 5 points of sail and when to shore and bolted it into place. I like these sails so much I am now a dealer...