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I'm new to kayaking, so my experience is limited. I got a terrific deal on this red, plastic version. It was just what I was looking for. I'm 5'4" and 192 lbs and had tried out a number of kayaks and for the Narpa and the Atlantis fit me best.

I have mostly had it out on rivers and creeks and have found it very stable, easy to paddle boat. The rudder takes a little getting used to. Unlike a regular rudder, it takes a stroke or two for this one to react, so you need to be patient enough to not over correct. It is effective in compensating for any weathercocking.

The last two weekends I've had it in salt water. I cruised the islands off Cedar Key on a calm day with no problems at all. I flipped it to practice my wet entry and the boat wa very stable with a paddle float. I made it back in on my first try. This weekend I did Salt Run, through St. Augustine, then to Oyster Creek. I was able to handle 20 mph headwinds on my return trip. Again I was very stable in the 2' chop. I like the boat very much and am really happy with it's performance.