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Have had this boat two seasons now (bought it used when only 5 weeks old but fresh off a trip down the Yukon 2500 miles)and simply put, it is the finest boat I have ever paddled. Superb fit for a big guy/gal.. (I am 6'3" 235lbs, size 13 feet), surprisingly fast and responsive, very comfortable seat, and every feature on the deck that one could want... and way more than most American boats. Plastic is all everyone says it is... very, very tough and strong. I really see myself paddling my Kodiak for many years... simply can't find a better boat out there for a guy my size and experience (moderate). Superb craftsmanship as well, which outdistances the domestic boats by far if you look close at the new boats out there. Still haven't discovered the full potential... hope to include more info in the future. Buy one and be happy. Search over.

This is a flat out great boat. I have used it locally in the SF Bay Area in lagoons, on lakes, and off the coast of Kauai off Poipu Beach this summer in 4-6' swells and it handled beautifully. I am 6'3" and 240 and I find the length perfect, and it is a very fast ride as inflatables go. Beautiful looking, "torpedo" shaped boat. Very well made, nice firm ride and very comfortable. The skeg is a must I find. About the skeg, the boat tracks perfectly if you oppose the 4 wing nuts and screws... that is put two screws in from one side, and two from the other side, so that the drag (marginal, but there all the same) from the wing nuts is offset.

I purchased mine used, without the storage bag, but find that the Sunny fits perfectly into the Ricardo Duffle Bag from Costco ($39.95) [boat in bottom, seats and pump up top] and ships beautifully as luggage on an airplane. I see myself using this boat for many years. I have taken my daughter and wife out in it (separately) and the boat handles well even though we nearly max out the weight. Low profile in water is great in windy conditions. Only reason I didn't give it a 10 is due to seats which are comfortable for a couple of hours. I took a 3" piece of stiff, closed cell foam and put it behind the lumbar area of my back and my comfort is greatly improved. Find one, and buy one, you'll love it.

P.S. Tim at Innova helped me with plugs for an old Semperit boat, and went beyond the call... excellent customer service.