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Works like a drip ring should and the glow in the dark green ring helps find my all black carbon fiber greenland paddle in the dark.

I have been using the 393 Razor Lite in Florida waters for about 3 years now. I have run over sunken metal, shoals, branches and trees, rocks and even oysters and gators. It has held up well. I did get two Dollar Store dog collars to use for carrying handles and self rescues. This thing is fast and I regularly get it up to the 6mph and sometimes faster in a current. A trick I learned with the footpegs is to remove them by undoing the rear first. The pressure from your feet push it forward, so it's easier that way.. I do recommend using 303 Protectant if in a sub tropical climate like I am in in Florida. I paddle all year long so it gets a lot of use.

This is one of Sea Eagles top of the line kayaks. Like the high pressure hard sides and speed. Tracks straight. The newer models come with foot rests already installed which makes paddling easier. The Razor Lites are not for beginners though, their stability is not like other Sea Eagle kayaks because they are slimmer and sides are lower and are made for speed. If you need a more stable kayak, I suggest the Fast Track models.

Ok I wrote my original review when I first bought the Sea Eagle Fast Track in 2013, well now it's 2015 and I am updating it.

Still love this thing, we will throw it in the back of our Jeep, even if there is a slight chance we may pull over somewhere and take it out. I have no problem keeping up with hardshells and being in Florida, I use it all year long. I did have a leak occur in a seam though, and called SE on the best way to repair it (hey I repaired holes in my hardshell too) and was told to send them photos. It was still under the 3 year warranty. That was on a Thursday, by the next Tuesday they had a new 465 at my doorstep. The best in customer service, in less than a week, from first call to delivery, I was back on the water again.

This kayak get used a lot, from salt water to springs, from cruising next to dolphins to floating past gators, I am so glad I purchased the Sea Eagle.

Just got a SeaEagle 465 Fast Track and love it. I also have an Ocean kayak and was surprised at the ease of use of this inflatable. Paddling was easy and with the detachable skeg, it stayed true while paddling in a local river. I was surprised at the ease of set up and also the speed.

Comparing times of hauling out the hard shell kayak, mounting it on top of the car, and then taking it down, the SeaEagle wins hands down in time use. Another aspect to the Sea Eagle that I could not find in similar hard shell kayaks was a weight capacity of 795 lbs. You can pack your whole house in this thing.