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I purchased this set of three for use in our dry wells, hoping to keep our towels, wallet, keys, etc. dry. I wasn't certain that would happen due to the lightweight material; however, I was pleasantly surprised. As long as the top is rolled three times and there is a minimal amount of air in them they will seal and float. And the contents inside actually stay dry.

They are not meant to be submerged for any length of time, and with a small amount of air inside they won't sink. I use the yellow bag for towels. It's large enough to hold a bottle of sunscreen and two rolled-up towels.
These are great, inexpensive bags.

We purchased two pairs of these (non-velcro) for our take-apart paddles. They require slight effort in putting them on, using water makes it easier. They fit snug on our paddles. They are not thick, yet they provide just enough cushion to keep a good grip and be comfortable, even in heavy paddling. If and when they wear out, I will purchase them again.

We purchased a used 10' Lifetime Tamarack for the purpose of angling. It's a good boat for that purpose, but due to its length and width as well as the smoother bottom, it's pretty slow in the water. If you're going to fish, this is a good starter boat. Sturdy and stable. Just not real fast.

This is a great waterproof bag for your small zoom camera. We have a Sony CyberShot DSC-WX150 and this bag works well for it. As the instructions suggest, please do water test in your sink first to make sure there are no leaks/defects. I put a napkin inside and closed it up. Without weight inside, you will need to hold it down to submerge it. I found no leaks whatsoever, and was comfortable taking it on our breathtaking excursion down the Wekiva River. I took at least 100 photos, a few of which showed the edge of the lens compartment cap. Since our camera is not very big, so I will pay more attention to how it is situated in the bag before I start shooting photos. The bag has a clear polycarbonate optical lens. Good clarity. I highly recommend!

This is a great waterproof bag for your 7-8" tablet. I have a 7" ASUS MemoPad, which fit inside this bag perfectly. I did a water test, as instructed by the manufacturer to check for leaks/defects. None found! I can operate the tablet and see the screen easily while inside the bag. I felt confident taking it out on the yak for our trip down the river. The tablet may get a little warm inside the bag due to the fact that it is waterproof, but for short-term use I found no issues of it overheating.

I highly recommend if you want to protect your tablet from being accidentally dropped overboard. Add a key float to the lanyard for a little extra float power.

I was fortunate to find a Perception Sport Pescador 10' kayak used in good condition. This kayak turned out to be excellent in terms of durability, stability, tracking, and pure pleasure. So much so that my husband wants to sell his Lifetime Angler and find one like mine. It truly is a great kayak, which is used for both pleasure and fishing. My only complaint is that it's a little heavier than I would like (52 lbs.) since we stack them on top of each other on top of the SUV. But it's manageable even for me at 5'5".

Overall: excellent choice; highly recommend!