Name: DianeFall

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I started kayaking several years ago in my mom's Eddyline 16' sea kayaks. So, when I was looking for a boat of my own I was torn between the lightweight uber maneuverable 10-12' recreational kayaks and a sea kayak. I did a lot of searching and comparing, asked questions everywhere I went and sat in every kayak that I thought was a possibility. My decision to buy the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 made perfect sense! From the first time I took it on the water, I knew I had chosen wisely.

At 56 lbs, I'm still able to load it by myself with the help of my Yakima Sweet Roll car carrier. It tracks extremely well without the rudder, in fact I have yet to need the rudder! It moves through the water effortlessly and in spite of having arthritis in both my thumbs, I don't have to dig too deep to have rapid forward movement. It doesn't turn as tightly or quickly as a 10'-12' rec boat, but I love the way it feels and responds. I'm looking forward to kayak camping next spring and has lots of cargo space!

If you're looking for a reasonably priced, super durable, comfortable kayak that is great for a short trip or longer adventure on choppy waters, this boat has it all! I LOVE my Tsunami! I will have it for life!!!!