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I personally own 3 Aquabound Paddles, 2 of them are Stingrays and all are carbon fiber shafts. I purchased one of the small shaft Sting Ray twist lock paddles for my daughter. She had some problems with the mechanism, but the folks at Aquabound worked with me and the problem was resolved, which means the company stands behind its product. I love all my Aquabound is a good paddle for the cost. I would definitely buy anyone if anything happens to mine.

I was looking for a lighter kayak and purchased a Wilderness Pungo 140 Duralite on a trip to Maine. My mistake! Yes, the boat is light, but not has no front bulkhead and flexes when you try to get out. The duralite doesn't seem strong/thick enough to make one feel safe in the boat. I have written to Wilderness about this lack of a front bulkhead, but have not heard back from them at all. I would NOT recommend anyone run out and purchase this boat.