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The Point 65N Modular Sit-On-Top is an excellent boat for one person and can be converted to a tandem by adding a center section. The three pieces snap together very easily if the pressures are equalized in each unit. There is a pressure relief plug on each unit. When transporting, no part weighs over 34# and can be easily fitted into a SUV or a station wagon. It is made from durable, UV-resistant polyethylene. We added padded seats for longer trips. This kayak slips through the water easily and it is possible to paddle into a current, unlike a canoe. I had to contact the manufacturer because the handle came loose from the stern but they sent me an updated handle with two attachment screws from Sweden at no charge and this fixed my problem. I highly recommend this product for exploring and for portability.

Our Hobie Mirage Series SPORT kayak includes the Mirage Drive. We replaced the Mirage Drive fins with bigger fins and when you peddle hard, you can turn this kayak into a speedboat and make it plane. What a blast! It is comfortable and you can pedal it at your own pace so you can be out on the water having fun for quite a while. We liked this kayak because it only weighs 48 pounds and is easy to move around. We also purchased the wheel assembly that fits into the hull which makes it very easy to move around. It has a capacity of 225# and a length of 9'7". There are a lot of options that can be purchased for this kayak. It is an excellent kayak and we highly recommend it.

This Hobie kayak is made of rotomolded Super Linear polyethylene II and weighs just 48#! I upgraded the "MirageDrive" fins with the turbo kit. If you peddle hard enough, you can make a nice bow wave and nearly make "hull speed" but I bet you will not be able to keep it up for long! I suggest pulling the rudder and turbo fins out of the water before venturing into the grass areas or you will have some fun breaking free. The paddle that is supplied with the kayak appears to be graphite epoxy construction and it works very well. It is an awesome boat and you will not be disappointed if you purchase one. There is a dealer for Hobie kayaks in just about every state. Have fun!