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The Tequila! GTE Solo/Tandem is a kayak brought to you by Point 65 Sweden. Read Tequila! GTE Solo/Tandem reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Tequila! GTE Solo/Tandem Reviews

Read reviews for the Tequila! GTE Solo/Tandem by Point 65 Sweden as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I live and work in Doha,…

Submitted by: paddler2339158 on 8/29/2022

I live and work in Doha, Qatar. I bought the tandem Tequila for my wife and I to enjoy the mostly calm and flat ocean waters around Doha. The product seems solid so far and the modular design is easy transport and mostly easy to set up and break down. My issue here ( and I see that I am not the only one) is that especially in tandem mode the kayak is very difficult to steer. It does not track and the slightest inputs or wind will make it veer off the intended course. I would strongly suggest the Point 65 north install a bigger skeg, (the little one at the back is completely useless) and also offer a post fix where a detachable skeg can be fitted. I look forward to some suggestions


I bought the kayak on the…

Submitted by: paddler1196488 on 2/23/2021
I bought the kayak on the strength of using my friends on a couple of occasions. Being split made it very convenient and it was well made. However, with mine, the ratchet straps are made of plastic not metal and one of them broke the second time I assembled it. I had it replaced but you do have to be very gentle. Then less than 12 months in, the paddle pole split on the ends because it too was made of plastic and no longer aluminium. I managed to fix it again with some glue, water proof tape and stainless steel jubilee clips but honestly it is very poor considering the price. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they return the previous quality that encouraged me to purchase one in the first place.

I just bought one couple of…

Submitted by: paddler500899 on 4/18/2019

I just bought one couple of weeks ago. When assembled in tandem steering would become an issue. It goes left and right and not easy to control. Very tiring. I bought it to enjoy a nice ride with my son but we are facing this specific issue. Otherwise it is great. Any recommendation on how to fix the steering straight issue upon speeding up a bit would be much appreciated.


Works like a charm

Submitted by: Orawhaty on 7/18/2017

Like most others here, I needed a kayak that didn't take up a ton of room and could be carried in my car (suv). I didn't want to go through the trouble of getting a roof rack and figuring out where to put the yak in my small apartment. I start with the solo (front and back pieces) and found it suited my needs. I like to go out fishing on the weekends and also get a little exercise by paddling where I want to go. The seams don't line up perfectly and have tried a few things to close the seam but even when it's closed, water still comes in through it so I've just lived with it. I wear board shorts when kayaking since you're going to get a little wet regardless. The solo doesn't track as well as adding the middle piece but if you're out by yourself, you're actually better off not using the mid section to try and add stability. I notice when it's just me the front end sticks up way out of the water and wind will catch it like a sail. If you're going out with someone else, their weight in the front brings it down a little, but the front will still stick up a little higher than most single piece yaks that I've seen. No problem though, I have a paddle and it's kind of understood when you're kayaking, you'll need to use the paddles. I've used this yak on both calm lakes and some river rapids. Nothing too crazy just a few spots that really picked up the pace. It went over the rocks pretty well and it's kinda funky that the boat kinda "waves" as it goes over rocks but it's 3 pieces, so I figured that would happen anyways.

The 2 piece fits just fine but adding the 3rd piece to my SUV makes it so I can't really see out the back. Again, no problem as it does take up some room. I imagine this kayak won't fit everyones needs as not all cars would be able to carry even the two pieces. I wasn't able to see this in person so I bought it and hoped for the best. Well, I'm glad I took the leap as I've had a lot of fun outings with it and have caught plenty of fish (of course, the yak didn't do much there other than put me in the water off the shore lol).


I purchased the Point 65…

Submitted by: paddler236888 on 6/21/2016

I purchased the Point 65 North Tequila Solo GTX recently. I live in a condo and have a Nissan Sentra Sedan ant this seemed to be a practical option for me. It turns out that I have been nothing but thrilled with this fantastic recreational sit on top. I have used it around the Chesapeake Bay estuaries at the mouth of the York River and it has performed wonderfully. I have taken it out in over 10 knot winds and this thing handles like a dream going into the wind. With the wind at my back the tracking suffers but nothing that ruins the trip.

Once you figure it out this Kayak is very simple to put together and take a part. I am a woman and I have no trouble doing so by myself. In fact, while others are having to tie their kayaks down or get them on the roof. I am finish so much quicker by just putting the stern section in my trunk (with the back seats down and the bow section over it in the back seat section with the bow sticking out the back window about a foot. It is so easy and quick for me to load and unload.

I have taken this out on 4 mile excursions and believe even longer ones will be no problem. Though the sit on top is not as fast as a longer sit in, you have the luxury of sitting with you feet over the edge and laying back relaxing. So it might take you longer to go 10 miles but you will have a lot of options to bet comfortable. This is a stable kayak and it would be hard to flip it.

I have practice with self rescue and this kayak was fine to get back in with some practice. Do not worry that this is a snap together, this thing is pretty darn solid and you will not even notice that it is actually two pieces when you are out on the water. And it stays dry! The only water I have had get in the kayak is from my paddle! This is a great all around recreation sit on top Kayak. I am thrilled with it and plan to by a second one soon.

This is a Great kayak if you have limited storage space and limited car space! A great, convenient kayak that fits into my Sentra (with the bow sticking out a little of my back window) so I can take it anywhere! Thank you Point 65 North for this!


Note: This review is under…

Submitted by: jbessman on 9/14/2015
Note: This review is under the Tequila Solo although I have the middle piece that allows mine to also be the Tequila Tandem.

Bottom line: Ingenious idea, wish it was mine! This kayak gives up very little in performance for the flexibility to convert between a solo and tandem, and ability to store, transport, and portage. Does it have more flex than a one-piece? Sure. Can you really add an infinite number of middle sections? No, at least not if you want to paddle somewhere. But for a single or double, great concept, great execution.

Point65 makes excellent composite and racing kayaks, so great to see them enter the recreational market with elements of these kayaks. The Tequila is the lower end of their modular lineup, but is still among the best of the recreational kayaks. The linear polyethylene used by Point65 is similar to that of the Hobie's, much higher quality than most other rec boats. Like the Hobie's it is easily weldable/repairable too.

Minor items to improve: Better deck hardware (cheap/easy to replace), more solid lock (3 buckles instead of two?), and carry handles to better hold the individual pieces - particularly on the mid-section. My kayak is a bit older (2012) and pre-rudder/skeg, but still tracks relatively well.


My wife & I are in our 60's,…

Submitted by: Greypaddle on 7/28/2015
My wife & I are in our 60's, and started recreational kayaking several years ago. We bought all 3 sections of the Tequila Spring 2015 to carry in our short-bed pick-up truck when we go camping & tow our camping trailer. It was purchased from Imarine and came with a small fixed rubber skeg. Packaged in 3 boxes, one of them was ready to fall apart on arrival. Amazingly there was no damage worth worrying about.

When we tried it out on our closest lake, the solo version, as expected, didn't track real straight due to it's short length, but it was controllable. Since we bought this to use mainly as a tandem on camping trips, it was a big disappointment to find tracking almost nonexistent when using 3 sections. It liked to go left & right without trying, but not straight. I glued on 2 "Kayak Skeg Tracking Fins" available at Amazon ($18 or $19ea.). I couldn't mount one on the center line since it wouldn't fit the contour, so put one on each side of the center on the rear section. Works great & tracks very well now!

One other complaint, with my 6'2" ht. & 34" inseam, I needed one more notch for my feet than what is provided, causing my knees to interfere with paddling. I get around this by extending my legs flat and resting my feet in the storage compartments along the side. I have to sit in the rear, and my Teva sandals allow my feet to be comfortable this way.

Maybe because we are older, I needed to add much better seats, which we found at West Marine. And now we are pretty happy with it. We usually paddle for an hour or two on the scenic lake where we like to camp.


The Point 65N Modular…

Submitted by: paddler201961 on 7/16/2015
The Point 65N Modular Sit-On-Top is an excellent boat for one person and can be converted to a tandem by adding a center section. The three pieces snap together very easily if the pressures are equalized in each unit. There is a pressure relief plug on each unit. When transporting, no part weighs over 34# and can be easily fitted into a SUV or a station wagon. It is made from durable, UV-resistant polyethylene. We added padded seats for longer trips. This kayak slips through the water easily and it is possible to paddle into a current, unlike a canoe. I had to contact the manufacturer because the handle came loose from the stern but they sent me an updated handle with two attachment screws from Sweden at no charge and this fixed my problem. I highly recommend this product for exploring and for portability.

Bought the Tequila last month…

Submitted by: paddler235963 on 9/8/2014
Bought the Tequila last month and have taken it three times in Pleasant Lake and Little Lake Sunapee NH. I also bought the tandem plug but have not used it yet. The kayak is awesome. Stable, easy to handle, although a bit large to fit in a Subaru Outback. I have used it in both calm waters and the latest with a stiff wind that was causing whitecaps on the water.

Although amazingly stable, when the wind blows it does track away a bit but that's what paddles were made for. I love the new acquisition and can't wait to put the middle plug and have my spouse or my awesome Black Lab in front.


Really enjoy the Tequila…

Submitted by: paddler235890 on 8/28/2014
Really enjoy the Tequila kayak! With a family of three, an outing on the water would include a solo and tandem kayak and all the headaches of transporting, unloading, loading, storage, etc. We have take ours down rivers, on in land lakes, and on the Great Lakes. In fact we even took 3rd place in a 9 mile river race in the tandem division with our Point n65.

I read reviews on this site…

Submitted by: paddler235754 on 7/17/2014
I read reviews on this site and I was worried about boat tracking ability so I decided to make a test on a lake. After that I decided to buy Tequila Tandem Point65.
My remarks:
  1. during paddling boat has quite stable course but when I stopped paddling boat tends to go left or right so small paddling corrections are necessary to keep tracking.
  2. boat has average speed bility it is quite fast and it is OK for me
  3. Important that I tried to mix colours and there was no good fit of red and orange components so I decided to buy BLUE TANDEM and it was a good decision. My suggestion is: always check kayak by yourself BEFORE you buy it.
  4. Kayak is some kind of sensation because it has modular construction people are curious about this kayak
  5. It is a new step for kayaks - it is extremely easy to transport kayak in a car however pieces are quite big for my SUV Honda CRV. I have to work out the best way how to put the elements in the car.
  6. Important that you will be wet in your trousers if you go kayaking on Tequila Point65 - water rarely get in to the kayak - so it is the best for a good weather or you have to buy water resistant clothes.

Purchased the 'New' &…

Submitted by: paddler235737 on 7/12/2014
Purchased the 'New' & expensive GTX 3-piece from LL Bean for tandem yakking. It survived UPS shipping although the boxes were opening due to dried out & poorly taped seams. LL Bean should re-tape all the seams before shipment.

All goes together easily even though the seams don't mate well & with only one retaining strap on each side with a total of four straps to hold the three pieces together. When practicing a rollout & recovery in my pool, the seam from the rear & middle sections opened a bit on one side allowing the 3" 'tooth' from the middle section to pull free from it's socket & wedge against the body. I had to undo the straps & reconnect WHILE IN THE WATER before I could practice re-entering the kayak!

My lady & I practiced a rollout & the same thing happened. After pulling the kayak from pool & resetting all connection points, we lifted the kayak from each end & the kayak separated again under it's own weight. Not good at all! My lady refused to consider the use of this yak (you all know what THAT means, LOL!).

A simple fix might be to add additional straps to the seams underneath the kayak to help hold it together. In addition, we were not happy with the stability of this kayak. The flat bowl shaped bottom & narrow 29" width make this kayak a bit unstable in comparison to wider 1-piece yaks which have contours built into the outside rails, similar to a pontoon running the length of each side for stability with the center section raised a bit above the water to scup water from the interior..

The concept is of a three piece, take anywhere tandem or solo yak is appealing. The price and execution is not.
After some discussion with LL Bean, the kayak was returned. LL Bean was great throughout the entire process and after some gentle prodding, also returned the $60 oversize shipping fee. I'll be buying from them again..


I've had a Tequila! for a…

Submitted by: paddler235348 on 5/24/2014
I've had a Tequila! for a couple of years and love it. I purchased a second one last week and it's the new upgraded Tequila GTX which now has a skeg. It tracks really well and it's a great improvement. Also love the new seat!

The Pointe 65 has a fatal…

Submitted by: strikr1 on 5/22/2014
The Pointe 65 has a fatal flaw. When any kind of speed is reached, the whole thing starts to kind of hydroplane and becomes uncontrollable, when you stop paddling it goes completely sideways (as in right into the path of any boat that might be there). It is hard to believe the ways in which a product can be screwed up and then be put up for sale. I never would have thought to look for that problem when trying it out. ????? What a shame! I returned mine to the store where purchased as unsafe and not suitable for the purpose intended. Point65 should be ashamed, as adequate product testing would have revealed this flaw.

"Dear reviewer. Thank you for your feedback. The Tequila! was launched in 2008 and is by far our most successful product. It is probably one of the most appreciated recreational sit on top kayaks out there with stellar, mostly 5 star consumer reviews. I myself paddle it regularly and can't say that I have the same experience as you. It has been sold in the tens of thousands and I did test it extensively before bringing it to market.

Having said that all kayaks do not suit everybody and I'm sure there is a recreational sit on top kayak out there that suits you better. That it has fatal flaws and that I should be ashamed is however pretty strong language considering all the happy paddlers I meet. I'm proud of the Tequila! and can strongly recommend it based on the continuous positive feedback I get."
Richard Ohman
Founder & President
Point 65 Kayaks Sweden


We have bought a Tequila in…

Submitted by: paddler235376 on 10/14/2013
We have bought a Tequila in June 2013. I have used it a a single as well as a double in protected bays but mostly in Chichester harbor, a tidal area. The tracking of the kayak leaves a lot to be desired. So I have made a fixed rudder or skeg for it. So now it runs straight and as it should, which make the paddling much more enjoyable again.

The Tequila from Point 65 N…

Submitted by: Gregg on 7/24/2013
The Tequila from Point 65 N is unique. It breaks down into pieces that can easily fit in the back of my small SUV. Each piece weighs around 20 lbs. Put two together for solo, three for tandem. the Tequila is a dry ride for SOT. Water quickly exits through scupper holes. No matter how fast I paddle, water is not forced up through the holes, so feet are never resting in water.

Convenience is the strength of this kayak. Performance is not. The Tequila doesn't track well. When I stop paddling to coast for a moment the boat takes a right turn.

I recommend this boat for those looking for a simple and flexible kayak for around a lake house, and casual flat water paddling.


Great modular kayak.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/10/2012
Great modular kayak. Conversation piece when putting it together. Rode it in rolling waves of Monterey bay, hard to keep up with friend on ocean kayak prowler rental. Hard to keep straight when surfing rolling waves. Tracks better with middle/tandem piece. Store all 3 pieces standing up in the garage. 3 pieces fit in back of minivan with back row down or in Wrangler JK unlimited with one seat down (the wider one)

This solo, modular,…

Submitted by: paddler234213 on 8/10/2011
This solo, modular, take-apart kayak is a fabulous invention-- well-made, stable getting in and out, and for the first time ever, I can actually take off alone in my car carrying a kayak I can transport without the help of another person. For that reason, I love it. It fits neatly into the back of my 2011 Subaru Forester in 2 pieces.

There is one drawback-- it tracks poorly. You've got to handle it almost like a canoe, varying each stroke to accommodate its wayward bow, which is always wanting to duck this way or that. I should also mention, it does not handle big waves well (but that is not an issue for me in mountain lakes). You wouldn't want to take it out in the ocean, though.

If only they could help the tracking somehow! Maybe the shorter length of the boat (it JUST fits into my SUV) makes that impossible. But I love that now 3 people and 3 kayaks can be carried on/in my car. That's a first!

Tequila! GTE Solo/Tandem