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Name: Kestutis

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I have been watching this kayak for about four years after discovering it on Gizmag. I liked the innovative and youthful idea, and mobility witch the most significant feature of the product. The reason I was waiting for such a long time was the only possibility to purchase it from US and that limited my possibilities to implement my plan due to high expense of customs duties shipping costs it to Lithuania. Fortunately the kayak is built so well and has such high performance that made it interesting for European dealers and I got possibility to purchase it from UK dealer.

I have chosen Bay+ model because of declared by producer easy and quick rigging and comfort of the back rest (I'm 61 so that is very welcomed feature :) ). I have tested it very next day. The day conditions were not very promising: windy, 16 kts head wind and risen river water level forced me to paddle against 1,5 m/s current + 16 kts head wind. I was psychologically prepared just for a 15 min. or so test paddle just to check stability and maneuverability but for the very first hit by paddle of the water I was highly surprised by how easy and smoothly it went against the current and how light is handling and I went on paddling further and further and stopped after 4 km of distance just because my wife called me to go back home (the test day was Christmas Eve day ...). So I went back to the launching place and rigged kayak back into the box and was about to get it into the car (Nissan Micra) when I was called by my friend asking what I'm doing with that box near the river? "It's the kayak"" I replied ... what???

I have made 60 km since then including the 14 km trip up stream, crossing and carrying the kayak across electric power plant dam with follow-on paddling across the lake and crossing the dam on my way back and all that without anyone support and even without a need to use a car :) The rigging procedure is easy and simple, stability requires a bit skill to have with more stable kayaks. So, it is light, stable, considerably fast (5 km/h average speed if you don't rush anywhere) and ... mobile, extremely mobile boat. Thank you Oru Kayak Team