Name: chaynes

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This is my first fishing kayak and I absolutely love it! It's really stable and yet still reasonably easy to paddle around. It's light enough person to handle, which is a necessity for me.

I finally put this one in the water! My first solo canoe, I was a little concerned about how it would handle and how I would handle it. I quickly fell in love with this boat! I was surprised at how agile this was, but it still tracks pretty decent. I'm betting it's way better than my first take on it.(My solo paddling technique needs a lot of work).

One complaint I have is the placement of the seat. It's way low and I felt I was sliding out of it. It looks like an easy enough fix though. Overall it's a great boat for the money. I'm very pleased with it.

I put my Trip 10 in the water for the first time today. I am very happy I bought this boat! It's very stable, I was digging lake glass, interesting looking stones, and other stuff that caught my eye on the bottom. I never felt like I was going to tip. It is a bit more sluggish t than my old Dagger Blackwater, but I can surely live with that. I can't wait to catch some fish in it!

I've had the Dagger Blackwater 12 for several years. It's a high quality boat. Or friends have all purchased less expensive boats and the difference in quality is very obvious. This is a good one for flat water paddlers, although it would probably handle lower class rapids. It's not the most nimble craft I've ever been in, but it's not the most cumbersome either. The retractable skeg is very handy and does make a difference in the handling.

I am very pleased with this boat and will keep it. My wife has the 10.5 model and she loves it. I do wish it had a drain plug, but that was easily remedied by installing one I found online.