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In response to the last review, I installed a bulkhead because I wanted the dry storage space and flotation but it means I can't store a long object like a rod case in the cockpit. I used 4" closed cell foam to cut out the bulkhead (bought it from a local canoe and kayak supply store) and glued it in place with Lexel sealant. I made a template of the outside of the kayak at the point I wanted to install the bulkhead using cardboard from a large box. I cut out the foam with my bandsaw (carefully - it can bind), tried it for fit and then kept shaving bits off until it was a firm push fit. You have to chamfer the edges to fit the shape of the boat. When it was in place I ran a bead of Lexel around both sides to seal it and hold it in place. The result looks exactly like the factory fitted rear bulkhead. I would have contacted W.S. directly but they don't have any contact info on their web site the last time I checked. It would have been a lot easier with a factory cut bulkhead or template. How about it, Wilderness Systems? I note that the W.S. website and their print catalogue say that the "Fisherman" version of the Pungo has front and rear bulkheads but when I asked my dealer about this they told me that W.S. told them this was not the case. Beats me!

I have to agree with the last two posts - the boat needs a front bulkhead. Interestingly, the W.S. website says that the "Fisherman" version has front and rear bulkheads but when a dealer inquired on my behalf, W.S. told them that this was not the case and they could not supply me with a bulkhead to retrofit.

Before I took my boat to Cape Cod last fall for a fishing trip I decided to practice wet exit and re-entry in a warm lake and had a similar experience to the two previous posters. I had to stay in the water to bail/pump out the boat as there was minimal freeboard and it took me over 30 mins. before I could clamber back in using a paddle float. If there had been any chop I could not have bailed out the boat.

Realizing that in choppy, cold water I would have been in real trouble, I bought some closed cell foam and installed the front bulkhead, having removed the tiny piece of foam inserted in the bow for "flotation". I now have much improved flotation, much reduced volume to bail out and a usable water resistant front bulkhead storage area. However, it was a laborious process cutting the bulkhead to size and it would have been a lot easier if the manufacturer could have supplied one.

Apart from this quibble, I am as pleased with my Pungo as most of the previous posters. It is stable, fast and a great fishing platform and my wife enjoys paddling it as much as I do. Thinking of buying a second boat this spring - maybe the Tsunami?