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Name: smj924

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By far my favorite boat. Easy to paddle, responsive and easy to roll. It's even easy to hand roll the boat.

I enjoyed messing around in the Jackson Fun but have since changed over to a Jackson Karma. The Fun served it's purpose of being great to play with in the rapids, but I was more interested in having 'dry hair days.'

The Jackson Karma is a great boat. It's stability is amazing and I've been saved more than once by it. That being said, it can also make for lazy paddling and slows down ability to really read the water and deal with the consequences. But hey! I love it anyway!

The Zen is a river runner that lets you play some but also eases your ability to go down-river. It's much easier to manage the flat water sections in this. I have many friends that also have Zens.

The Jackson Fun is unforgiving but a great boat for those that enjoy a challenge. Being tall, I did find it a little on the cramped side when fully geared up for winter paddling. I did switch over to mainly a creeker but still miss some of the chine on the Fun.

This lightweight life jacket is perfect for the minimalist. It is low profile and I can't even tell I'm wearing it. It's great for beginners but as one progresses with paddling skills, thought should really go into getting a rescue vest.

I love love love the Karma! It is a wonderful and very forgiving kayak. It is roomy and the most comfortable boat I've ever sat in. That being said, I do wish there was a bit more chine. With pushy water, I would like a bit more ability to carve. Over all, happy with this purchase.

I love this paddle board! It is my first but I have no complaints. Stability is good and I've used it quite a bit this summer. It'll be interesting to see if the same thing holds true next season. Pros Cons Usage

This life jacket is low profile and is simple but effective. There are two straps on either side to tighten it and it slips on over the head. There are also two straps that are adjustable at the shoulders. Overall, the slim profile makes it easier to roll without having the added bulk of a larger PFD.