Name: dgash

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After reading about this waterproof clothing on, I ordered a long-sleeved top and capri bottoms in December. Because I live in Michigan, I wasn't able to wear the clothing until recently (yes, I dress for immersion). The top has oddly shaped gussets under the arms, and fit me somewhat tightly at the biceps (no, I'm not buff), but the discomfort was minimal when cinched into my pfd. I wore the top twice-only twice- and the underarm gusset actually shredded. I contacted Season Five and was told it was my fault; must have been something sharp or pointy on my pfd, and sorry but nothing they would do. I have a brand new Astral pfd with 3 buckles on the sides. Nothing else. Nothing sharp or pointy, just possible rubbing on the side of the pfd. The products would be very nice for kayaking as they are water resistant (sleeve ends would allow water under so not waterproof) and windproof. But, when you pay a lot of money for technical gear, you expect to get more than 2 wearings out of it, and you expect a lot more customer support. I am very disappointed and absolutely wouldn't recommend their products.

I love the concept of the kayak, but the seats are terrible! My husband is a fairly big man, and can only fit in the forward seat, and I can't even reach the seat back at all. If I do lean all the way back so my PFD touches the seat back I am at a reclined angle and can't paddle. I had to fold up an old PFD and put it behind my back to get any support. Very disappointing. If anyone knows how to add more cushion to this model, please let me know.