Name: barmstrong

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Just bought a used 14' with rudder and took it out for the maiden voyage today. I've paddled for 6 years now, WW, Sea, and rec yaks. Owned 8 since starting, currently have 4 including this one.

Enough background, the Tsunami handles and accelerates very nicely for its size. I doubt I'd have any problem staying up with longer yaks. It has ok but not great primary stability and very nice secondary stability. It is easily maneuverable and has nice storage. I took it out on a local lake, calm day so didn't really push the envelope. Never lowered the rudder, no need to. I'm 5'11", 215lbs and felt fine. Plenty of storage which stayed dry. However poor design when they didn't separate the day hatch from the back one. I'm giving it an 8 right now, keeping in mind that nothing gets a 10.
Nice boat for the beginner or intermediate!

My first yak and one that I would strongly recommend. Two nice size hatches that keep everything dry. I invested in the rudder and would recommend it for those rougher periods but in general it tracks well. I would agree with the others that the only annoying fault is the seat itself. It is not comfortable and they shouldn't have cut corners on this one point. If it wasn't for this one item I'd give it a 10. Excellent 1st yak that you probably won't grow out of. I bought a sea yak second but I intend on keeping this one.