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The WS Pungo is a great recreational kayak for all levels of paddlers. My first kayak was a Pungo 140 purchased back in 2001--I chose it because I wanted a boat that would accommodate me comfortably (I'm a queen-sized gal:) and would be easy to paddle on flat water rivers and lakes. The Pungo delivers! It has marvelous stability, but when I did flip (on purpose, to check it out) I easily slid out of the cockpit and re-entered without difficulty.

The Pungo moves on flat water as if it were a skinny sea kayak--I can easily keep up with my paddling partners in their 14-16 footers. An additional perk is that the Pungo can carry a lot of gear. I have gone on mulit-day paddling trips carrying my tent, inflatable mattress and cooler, without any problems. It is also comparatively lightweight, and I have no trouble loading it on my jeep. I now have a couple other boats I use (Hobie Outback for fishing, Perception Torrent for whitewater) but my Pungo is my go-to boat for all-around easy paddling fun.