Name: solbergl

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I originally had a Pungo 120 and loved it! I decided to upgrade to the 140 after a couple seasons. I wish I would have kept it as a second boat for smaller trips! I purchased my Pungo 140 in 2013 and I absolutely love it too. I have taken many newbies out to try kayaking and usually let them use my Pungo because it is so stable and easy to paddle. It is also very comfortable and I like the large cockpit opening, I do not feel confined or trapped at all.

During the kayaking season I paddle at least once a week on average and have taken it on several weekend camping trips, the storage space is great! It is very durable, over the last 2 seasons it has gotten some scratches on the bottom from sharp rocks and trees etc but as they say every scratch tells a story! The only cons I can come up with is it is a little heavy to carry solo and it does warp if I leave it on my Thule glide and set too long in the sun but any poly boat is going to do that.

Overall I would highly recommend the Pungo 140 or the Pungo 120!