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I know Wilderness Kayaks has gotten some bad reviews but I had a very nice experience with them. I e-mailed them regarding a forward bulkhead for the Pungo 140. They called me and gave me the part #982009, cost $42.00 + S&H. She also e-mailed me the template to make one on my own. Great service. I have added rigging from Harmony and have been camping and the boat holds a ton of stuff. Just wanted to give Wilderness some good press.

Have rented Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5s and learned to enjoy kayaking. Renting was confined to the local marina. After a lot of research we bought 2 Pungo 140s and couldn't be happier. For the money (far less than one Nighthawk) we have great boats. Her Royal Highness is not keen on getting dunked and after our second outing of 5hrs. and about 7 miles paddling in rough water and boat wakes she is convinced we bought the right boats. Fast,rock steady, with tons of room for camping gear. Only 2 criticisms; No forward bulkhead, and not enough deck rigging. Both of which I'm in the process of correcting. For just a little over $1500 I got two boats, paddles, pfds, carriers etc. Value gained PRICELESS.