Name: GMulvey

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I have had my Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 for several years and have loved it from the first time it hit the water. It is great on the river or open water and holds all my camping gear for the longer trips. It has a roomy cockpit but it's not so big that you get lost in it. At 5"-10", 200 pounds, it is perfect for me. I looked at many other yaks before this one but after trying one out at the local outfitters, was sold. It is not too heavy and is easy to transport. I would buy another one in a heartbeat! I would recommend the 140 as a great all purpose yak.

I love these! We have 2 and have used them to transport our Necky Manitou, Perception Sole, WS Tsunamis and even a 17' canoe with absolutely NO complaints. These are wonderful little carts! Very simple design, easily and quickly broken down for storage, and much cheaper than others that work in a similar way.