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This is a great kayak. I would say it perform w/I 85'% of our other hard shell sit-on tops 13-15'. More stable, slower, great lawn chair seat. We also have a Fasttrack Sea Eagle ( have not had it out yet, 2 month back order, now high wind). Construction looks very similar, but slightly better on Auquaglide. The Aquaglide is about 5 lbs. lighter. I like the way the Blackfoot is designed better, got the Fasttrack for carrying the 50 lb. dog due to the "Gator Skin" coating on area around seat area. We got them to travel w/ 5 th. wheel. I do think the weight rating was w/o seat, paddle or bag.

I have my original that is almost 20 years old. I just bought the new 240-260 adjustable length model in the Camaro Hooked series. The blade on these is slightly larger than the Skagit and approximately 8 oz. lighter. If you are on the water for several hours, it will leave you less tired. These are the best balance of power, weight and durability I have used. No flutter at all, even with a strong stroke in a heavy kayak. We have several different brands. My wife now uses my original. If there is a better paddle out there for the price I have not found it.

If you try one of these you will want one. Best rough water boat available. This the fastest fishing sit-on top boat available. Surprisingly stable and a great "Paddling" boat. Even better is the warranty. My 8 year old Red;oad developed a crack at both handles. I called, sent pictures and a week later I meet w/ dealer to receive a new 2020 hull. The new hull has improved handles, better rudder system and a better seat. I liked this boat so well, I bought my wife a Profish 400, same style boat, 15 lb. lighter and a foot and a half shorter.'

This has been a very good recreation kayak. I have the expedition version and highly recommend that option w/ rudder. Easily handles my 220 lb. and is stable enough to fish out of w/ spinning gear. When my 150 lb. wife uses if is capable of keeping up by my 15' kayak I replaced it w/.

Pretty good glide for a 25" wide boat, good initial stability, secondary could be better. You learn not to push it too far, not a hard line before it rolls. We have been able to put enough gear in it for an overnight paddle and camp out w/ light gear.

I have had 8 different Kayaks, this is the best so far. Great fishing kayak that still has very good speed. I have had surgery on both shoulders in the past, so the ability to take 18 lbs. off boat while loading is great! This boat sits low in water, yet stays dry. It is almost as fast as my 25" wide sit in side-14'6" long. I also like the security of putting all my gear and depth finder in the back seat of truck and able to put in boat in 2 minutes. The chill pod, still not sure it is worth the price, not as good as my ice chest, but mine is color matched to my kayak. It looks cool, Dorado color. I put 2-frozen salt water milk jugs in the pod and it keeps it cold for about 6 hours in the Texas sun, daylight to 1 pm. I have been out in 2' seas w/ 25 mph wind and boat does not weathercock at all. For me it came down to a choice between this and the OK Ultra 4.3. The OK has more storage and my experience w/ that brand was great. The fit, speed and standard features on the relo ad beat it out, I have 6 standard rod holders and Rail Blaz slots for everything.

I tried everything out there and for me this was the best combination of speed and stability. I liked the Hobies, but too heavy and expensive. I weigh 220 and have 2 15' narrow sit insides. I tried this in 30 MPH wind, no weathercocking and even w/ low freeboard, dry ride. I got it w/ a rudder and chill pod. Chill pod OK, used w/ frozen milk jugs of salt water. It keeps drinks cold in TX heat for about 6 hours.