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I bought this boat one week after we bought the 120 and we love both of them. I plan on installing a forward bulkhead at some point. It's a bit heavy for this 48 year old woman, but I am so pleased with handling and comfort and tracking is good. Stability is very good in this boat and they are good for fishing and camping. Wilderness Systems boats are very good quality.

update on Pungo 120: paddled a few miles yesterday and am very…

update on Pungo 120:
paddled a few miles yesterday and am very pleased with this boat. It's light, tracks well and the seat comfort is terrific.

I purchased this boat yesterday from Mountain Man in Old forge. This is my 4th yak and for the last few years I have paddled mostly canoes. Recently I paddled my niece's Perception Sundance 12 and had a good time with it other than the terrible seat it had. I realized I'd been missing paddling a yak and started my research. This boat handles well, great seat and the design is good. I noticed a little wagging but it did not hurt tracking at all. I had it out in wind and a small shop in Oswego, NY today and am very happy with it.

I wanted a light canoe that tracked well and had decent stability. I got it all in this boat. It weights 29lbs. and I have no problem putting it up on my blazer myself. I'm not the strongest middle-aged woman so this was a big selling point for me. I had this boat out yesterday in fresh winds and chop and it handled beautifully. The web seat stays cool and the foot braces really add to the stable feeling you get in this boat. If I needed a boat that could take more of a beating I would get the Royalex model.

These boats fit the bill for us in every way...light, stable and just plain sharp. We bought them at the 2003 Adirondack Paddlefest and have been very happy with our decision. Tracking is good without loss of maneuverability. The cockpit is large and the seat is comfortable and adjustable. We are on the large side and these boats still fit us well. Nice foot braces and lots of storage room inside. Very happy buyers.