Name: rbynum

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I love this kayak. It has an open cockpit so it is easy to get a lot of gear in it like fishing and tackle which puts it close to your hands when you need it. I am also a larger guy and it easily accommodates my frame and sits well above the water.

The best feature I believe is the speed of this boat. For an open and larger cockpit boat it runs as fast as other boats like the Tsunami, which I love and provides stability in larger waves and swells.

I cannot say enough good things for this kayak, and I use it for everything from fishing to camping.

This is a fun boat. I bought it a couple of weeks ago for fishing primarily, and because I have a few friends who are pretty large and have had some issues in the past trying to fit into a sit-in kayak. I like the versatility of the boat. It has an interesting hull design that allows it to remain stable in just about any condition. It comes standard with a drop skeg, and is pretty fast for the design. I have been to coast in it and down a river with some minor class I rapids and it handled everything well.

The seat is extremely adjustable and slides forward to reach items stored in the bow of the boat, and also detaches and can used as a camp chair. Very comfortable. They have some great accessories as well including front and aft covers and a 3/4 spray skirt. They even offer detachable cup holder :)

The down side is that it is pretty heavy for its size, over 50lbs, and a little unwieldy if you have to portage any distance. But not any more so than a small canoe.

Overall I like it pretty well. It's versatile and fun. I give it a 9 out of 10!