Name: Calhob29

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First off, this is a foldable kayak but that wasn't why I bought it. In fact, even though it breaks down to fit in a medium duffel bag I have no intention of disassembling it anytime soon. I chose this boat because my large dog can ride on top without falling off (he loves it) It's incredibly light (29lbs) and easy to lift and cartop long distances. It's nice to know that if I want to break it down I can.

So far I've been out mainly on large rivers and bays. It tracks well with good speed and stability but also fairly agile for a long boat and responds well to corrective strokes. I didn't get the rudder kit but may do so next year because it doesn't come with footrests and I may want the rudder for big windy lakes. The seat is amazingly comfortable and easy to adjust. I've tried many boats but none had a seat like this...pure bliss. The decking and hull material seems tough and durable and it looks pretty cool, and the internal frame provides good stability. The directions could have been clearer but being a guy I probably wouldn't have read them anyway. I was able to get it together in about 2 hrs but I'm sure it would be much faster if I did it again. Most comfortable boat ever.

I had a lot of questions about it and the staff at Pakboat was very helpful and patient. They are obviously very proud of their product and should be. I've never tried a Folbot or other folder but I cant imagine they would outperform this boat...especially for the price. Folders are a bit unusual with regard to spray skits and storage procedures. Keep in mind you don't have waterproof hatches so plan on buying some dry bags, but all in all its a great design and different than the usual boats you see on the water. I'm very happy with it....and so is my dog!

This was probably my favorite boat and I hated to sell it but I moved on to a pakboat in a similar size so I don't need both. I had the 140 with rudder although I rarely needed it. I called this boat "a frigate" because of its mid size and cruising ability. It tracks well, is very stable and at 6' 200lbs I never felt confined.

Even though I consider this a flat water boat I have had good experience with it on twisting rivers and lake Ontario surf. It really does everything quite well. The phase 3 seating is comfortable and I liked the storage both inside and out. I too have had problems getting the rear hatch to fit so that's a major strike. It's not as light as I'd like and although I can do it, getting it on a car could be a problem for smaller and older people. It's been a great boat though and I may get another one someday, for a mid priced boat it does everything well.