Name: Poorer-Richard

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Finding ourselves getting older and not as quick on our feet as we were, we wanted a tandem yak that was stable and comfortable, but still maneuverable and rudder-ready. The Vibe Yellowfin 130T was our choice. It is an incredible value for the money and has every feature we wanted and more. First, it features a unique hull design and tunnel chines on the bottom for great tracking. We added the rudder which improves windward tracking and initial stability when entering or leaving the boat. The aluminum frame adjustable chairs are very comfortable, and the yak can easily convert to a single paddler center position by moving three bungee cords. It also comes rudder ready witht he stern bearing/mount cast in place as well as full-length tubes to carry the rudder lines. Vibe has all the accessories you'll need available on-site at great prices, too. There is a lot of room for a cooler and other gear with the tie-down bungees provided. Scuppers and plugs everywhere. It rides low enough that it is very stable, but high enough that you don't get swamped every time a wake comes a bit close. In a 2 foot chop, it remains safe. It's a bit heavier than our last yak, but if you look around on YouTube, there are lots of videos showing different approaches to kayak loading aids. We had to modify our inexpensive cart with 4" PVC pipes to accommodate the deeper Vee hull than our last yak. Vibe customer service is the best we've found. They are very engaging and take care of any issues instantly. Vibe also has a very active FaceBook Owners group that really have absorbed the Vibe philosophy: No drama, just adventure. Overall I couldn't be happier with our new yak and knowing it can be stood up in for fishing is the gravy!

A decent, general recreational tandem kayak. The seats and foot pedal adjustments are very good and the boat has really excellent maneuverability for a tandem. We'd used some pretty tubby tandems before and the difference was amazing. On the other hand, it will flip pretty easily in a cross current or wake if not handled right. We're getting older, so chose to get a new sit-on fishing tandem. I would still recommend it to any couple wanting to learn on flat water. The hulls would also be good for moderate river rapids once the skills and bracing strokes were learned.