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I agree with the previous reviews. Easy to install and use. One comment: be very careful not to let the straps get twisted. If a twist in the strap reaches the upper buckle it will jam. Otherwise, a good product.

This is a follow-up to a review on 5.15.07. Aquabound replaced…

This is a follow-up to a review on 5.15.07.
Aquabound replaced my original two paddles with updated (I guess) models. I wish I could post a positive report but we continue to have problems with the locking mechanism. Now, one is hard to lock and the other is hard to unlock. Yesterday we stood on the beach for >15 minutes trying to get one of them to lock. We finally gave up and paddled with our spare. The paddle that does lock cannot be unlocked with wet hands. We have to either dry the paddle and our hands to get a good enough grip to unlock it or wait until it dries.

I am disappointed with the locking system for an otherwise great paddle.

I could not resist buying this paddle at the recent REI sales event - $128 with the members 20% discount. After ~16 hours of paddling with it I am disappointed with one aspect - how the paddles are joined. Instead of the traditional snap joint the paddles are joined by a short connection and "locked" by rotating a locking ring. However, for whatever reason, this ring does not stay locked and the paddles come apart. Both my wife and I experienced this problem. One can be paddling along, there is a cracking sound, then the paddle separates. Very irritating. I will be taking it back.