Name: morgan_2408

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I bought my Pungo 140 in August 2008. I love the boat and realize its shortcomings. I got the boat primarily for use on large lakes and the Delaware River, the areas for which it excels. I'm a large man so the cockpit is comfortable and easily accessed. The boat glides beautifully and is fast and true. It does NOT turn quickly and easily though so it is not suited for class II and above rapids. I use my Loon 138 for those rivers.

Mine came with the Kayak Konsole which is neat and keeps my gear within easy reach. The area behind the seat is large but also makes putting a skirt on this boat difficult. There's lots of space in the rear bulkhead area and I just ordered a bulkhead for the front. WS is now making the Pungo with a forward bulkhead and you can order one from your dealer. That will help immensely with keeping water out of the boat while going through large wave trains.

I have had a couple quality issues with my boat. The pull on the Phase 3 seat for pulling the seat back up came off about six months after buying the boat and I cannot get it back on. My rear deck cover keeps popping off in warm weather (which is why WS went to a new system) and can be a pain in the butt. I resealed my rear bulkhead after some leaking began and now its good.

I love the boat, it does exactly what I needed it to do but be careful you read the reviews and get the boat suited for your paddling needs. Different kayaking opportunities require different boats.
Seals now makes a neoprene spray skirt for this boat with a zipper. Unfortunately I cannot find one and EMS was unable to order the correct one for me...