Name: paddlepack

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just got a used Cruiser in almost new condition, can't believe how easy the boat is to paddle, but the real surprise is how stable the boat is, a really fast boat that is not tippy at all, hope to enjoy my Cruiser for many years, a real keeper

Paddles like a much larger canoe, weight: 28 lbs, has a great floor seat but needs more padding in the back rest (I use a boat cushion). Floats my 200 lbs with plenty of freeboard; needs a 240 cm paddle.

The boat tracks really well, turns on a dime, is made of fiberglass, has a roomy 4 ft cockpit, width 29 in, is a Bart Hauthaway design, and is a fun boat to paddle. If not for the backrest, I would give it a 10.

If you want a lite stable boat to fish, bird, photo in this is it, the seat is like sitting in a lawn chair, like I said the boat is very stable, tracking is ok but I wouldn't want to do 10 miles of flat water, would make a great small river or creek boat, more freeboard than I have read on some web reviews (I'm close to 200 lbs), not a whitewater boat, seat weight 6 lbs, boat without seat 30 lbs, my 240 cm paddle worked ok with the boat. fly fished for 3 hrs the other day and my back felt like I had been sitting in my lazy boy, really pretty boat, pewter rails, no wood.

very light yak (43 lbs without rudder); stable, tracks good, easy to ding hull in ul layup - care should be taken; storage ok, nice looking yak in yellow, would buy again, very pleased with yak.

nice small river boat, floats in inches of water, handles small whitewater, carries a lot of gear, love this canoe.

have owned this boat for about 10 yrs, easy to paddle, very stable, turns easy for me, beautiful boat.

great small coastal river canoe, floats in very shallow water, good fishing canoe, does not track well in big lakes but no problem, that's not my thing. beautiful boat and easy for 2 to load.