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Kayakers, please take note ,the Prijon Kodiak is a watercraft in a class all by itself. A unique manufacturing process called blown molding,using a superior material called HTP ,creates a boat that is virtually indestructible. Are you adventurous, then we both know storage will one day be an issue. When it comes to that ,this baby is a monster! Let's talk performance, stability, primary, and secondary, watershed, tracking, and speed are the best they can be. Don't take my word for it, please google search some kayaking world travelers, Jon Turk, Renata Chlumska, and my favorite Christian Donoso,you will be amazed. These people only use the PRIJON KODIAK !!! Let the Kodiak be your vessel for all your journeys atop life's currents and I promise you she will only deliver you to safe harbors.