Name: WolfSoul

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I've had the Tsunuami 145 for several years now and I love this boat. It's definitely not the fastest boat on the water, but it has tons of storage space for overnight trips, is exceptionally stable, tracks well and is plenty fast for my purposes.

I've had it loaded down with camping gear, including firewood on a 5 day trip without coming close to submarining the thing. I've used it on small lakes, large lakes (Lake Powell) and the ocean and it has handled everything well. I find it to be very comfortable as well. I've put in a 26 mile day in this boat without any more discomfort than one would expect just sitting for that long. I now have 4 kayaks and this remains my favorite.

My opinion of this kayak isn't nearly as good as the other three reviewers. I found it to be surprisingly unstable for such a wide kayak, especially for a kayak designed for fishing and hunting out of. My father-in-law rolled this thing on a fairly gently sloped boat wake swell on a lake and I had to tow him and his boat to shore. Everyone else I know who has paddled it has had similar complaints about the stability. It certainly isn't a speed demon either.

If it was fast and unstable, or slow and stable, I would give this yak higher marks, but slow and unstable... I'm actually probably being generous by giving it a five. There are better boats out there, even in the price range for this yak. If my father-in-law gave me this boat, I would take it, but I don't think I would pay good money for it.