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My wife and I are nearly sixty years old and have been dabbling in kayaking since our daughter went off to college. Recently we signed-on to a demo program at California Canoe and Kayak in Jack London Square, Oakland - where we got excellent service - and tried many kayaks. The Tsunami 140 by Wilderness Systems was quite soon my favorite, by far. Entry and exit were simple and comfortable with no tippiness. The moment I got in it fit like a glove. With serious knee and hip issues that told me a lot. The footpegs were easy to adjust and firm, the seat had convenient straps to make it snug up, and the knee braces worked perfectly. Though continuing to try different boats over the weeks, I always came back to the Tsu 140 as my baseline.

Manueverable though fast with rudder up or down, easy entry and exit, stable, good looking and well built, it's a good deal. I'm 6'1" and 180 pounds, my wife is 5'2" and much lighter, and she likes the Tsunami 120. Which figures.

The only disappointment I had was how long it for my wife to see that Tsunamis; comfortable, well balanced, high performance; were ultimately the best choice for us.

Today I ordered my first kayak, and it is a WS Tsunami 140, with rudder. Next week we'll probably order a Tsunami 120 for my wife and complete our waterborne package.