Name: jackieo1

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I own two 14' Wilderness Pungos. Love them for use in Northern WI on lakes and rivers. Like the open cockpit. So much room to put fishing gear, carry a dog or a grandchild. Always feel secure. They track beautifully and are very sturdy. I also have a 12 foot Pungo which I transport to FL and back. I have tried several other brands and am sold on Wilderness.

I have had Pungos for 4 years now. I bought my first one in FL after using it in the coastal waters around Sanibel Island. Previously I had an Old Town Egret. I bought the Pungo 140 to use on Northern WI rivers and lakes. I like it much better for control, room for fishing gear,and lack of tipability. Last fall I used it on the backwaters of the Mississippi with no problem. It is excellent for fishing and paddling the rivers here in WI. I installed rod holders, paddles holders and more rigging. So far the missing bulkhead in front has not been a problem but I understand it can be ordered from Wilderness. I have sold many friends on the Wilderness Pungos.