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Good solid 2-person tent. Just enough room for two and only one door and one vestibule. This is an older design. Tent holds up well in cold and rainy weather but might not have enough air flow for warm summer nights. I was comfortable in it in temperatures from mid 70s to mid 50s with the door on the fly wide open.

I have owned and used my Bending Branches BB bent shaft paddle for at least 15 years. I have paddled the Boundary Waters with it as well as several rivers and lakes in the southeast even a few Class II rapids. It is light, efficient and feels good in my hands. I prefer the feel of wood to metal and plastic. I has survived and is in good condition. I take care of my equipment. It could use a fresh coat of polyurethane. Otherwise, it is in great condition considering I have paddled 20 mile days with it and certainly hundreds of miles. I would recommend it to beginners and other paddlers, just make sure you know how to hold it properly.

Reported weight is 7 ounces. Unpacked size is 10 inches by 20 inches by about 2 to 3 inches thick. Does not compress and pack well, maybe to about 8 to 10 inches long by about 6 to 7 inches in diameter. Made entirely of polyester. Thus, feels synthetic. I would recommend slipping it into a cotton tshirt or neck gaiter to improve comfort. Overall not a very good camping pillow barely worth the less than $10 I spent on it.

Dry bag made of thick plastic rubbery material, likely older model. 10 liters in size. It and two others have served me well for over a decade. They are well made, reliable, and easy to use. Make sure you roll it or fold it over at least 2-3 times before securing. I had one fail because I left it in the sun and it heated up and expanded and slightly ruptured at a seam. Seal Line replaced it under warranty. Excellent customer service. Only wish it was lighter but this model is very durable.

The Fleece Cover is a rectangle fleece liner that can be used year round - as an accessory or as a standalone bag. It is a great "accessory", even if you already have several bags. It can help add extra warmth on those extra cold nights. As a standalone bag, it can be used in warmer temperatures when you only need a very lightweight bag. It is likely to be too bulky to use as a liner in a sleeping bag, particularly a mummy sleeping bag. I use it as a sleeping bag in temperatures into the 50s F. It is less bulky than a sleeping bag as very machine washable.

Nice, kept me dry and bug free on a trip along the Black River in North Carolina on a 3-4 day trip, I like the ability to use or not use a bug net as opposed to some other hammocks, e.g. Hennessey. Might be a bit heavier and bulkier than Hennessy but not by much.

Although this kayak is narrow and appears tippy, it preforms well and is more stable than you would think. It has surpassed my expectations over the last 10+ paddles. The kayak handles well. I have not learned to roll it more my fault than the kayak's. I have not loaded it yet for an overnight trip but have been told that it handles better with more weight. I weigh just under 200 lbs. It fits me well and should fit slightly bigger and slightly smaller paddlers.

Although this kayak is narrow and appears tippy, it preforms well and is more stable than you would think. It has surpassed my expectations over the last 10+ paddles. Handles well.

I feel that this kayak performs well enough but feel that the seat and/or center of gravity should be just a few inches forward. I feel that the nose sits just a little high.

This is a thicker and likely heavier sleeping pad. I bought it specifically for car camping as all of our state parks require you to camp on marked campsites that are compacted granite. They pad is about 2.5 inches thick and much more comfortable than my thinner Thermarest pad that I use for hiking. I typically fully inflate it then let some air out to make it cushier.