Name: SouthTexSled

Most Recent Reviews

Love the flexibility, functionality, and performance of this 2+1 tandem. I call it a 2+1 because it can serve as a one, two, or three person kayak (provided your third is small - meaning a child with short legs that can sit cross-legged comfortably for short stints.
As a two tandem fitted with fishing gear it is great. Stable, tracks well-enough for its width, and the seats are very comfortable. Fishing from this is great when fitted with the proper add-ons. As a one person, it’s a huge kayak for fishing.
My wife and i will buy another so we can take our two kids fishing out on our resacas (distributaries of the Rio Grande), bays, snd lagoons in South Texas.
Highly recommended. If you have two kids, even better. I’ve taken my 7 and 5 year old out together and enjoyed many short fishing snd kayak trips sightseeing, birding, and teaching them kayaking as well.