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Overall I liked the Air 10'6. It was very stable on the water even for a relatively larger paddler like myself. It tracks fairly well too but did not have any problems turning at all. My only minor complaint was that I felt like it showed scuff marks more than other SUPs I've seen. Pros Stable. Cons Shows marks more than I'd like. Usage Lakes Light river paddling

I had a chance to run a Czar down a few rivers and absolutely loved it. The description is spot on that the Czar is made for larger (I prefer "extra American") paddlers. It was super stable and handled everything I put it through with flying colors! This is definitely a great river board for larger paddlers. I can always trust NRS to make a great product. Pros Stable Handles rivers well. Cons Usage River running

I had the opportunity to try this out a demo events a few times and then a friend of mine won one so I had a few more chances to try it out. Overall I wasn't really impressed with the Tonga at all. The stability was ok but not what I would have expected for a board of this size. The quality also seemed to be not great either. Upon researching it seems this board is definitely a cheaper intro model so I suppose you get what you paid for. Probably a decent board for someone who wants a SUP without a significant investment and does not have plans to do more than lake paddling

OK stability.
Good for smaller sized beginners

Stability could be better.
Lakes only

After having several opportunities to use the 11' inflatable SUP from Lucky Bums I have to say that I have not been impressed. Frankly it felt like I was paddling a barge rather than a SUP. The board just does not do well in turning or waters that are not calm. I did find that the board tracked reasonably well. I think this SUP would be ok for beginners but for the price I think beginners could do better with other boards like the NRS Baron 4 or 6. Definitely not a board I would recommend for anyone with paddling experience or expecting to use it often. Pros Good pump. Simple to use. Cons Difficult to steer Usage Beginners, flatwater.

As a paddler over 250lbs I bought the NRS Baron 6 because I knew it would support me and still give me the performance I wanted in a SUP. I've been very happy with it as it has performed wonderfully on both lakes and rivers. I'd highly recommend it. Pros Very Stable Supports larger paddlers Great for yoga Durable Space for tying in a dry bag at front. NRS is excellent to work with Cons Usage Lakes Light rivers

I've had the opportunity to use the NRS Baron 4 on many occasions and have been surprised at how well it supported me as a paddler that is over 250lbs. the sizing for the boards recommends the Baron 6 which I ultimately went with but I have had no problems using the Baron 4. The Baron 4 has performed excellent on lakes and rivers alike, is very stable and is durable. As always i've been very impressed by NRS's equipment. Pros Durable Stable Good Performance Great for yoga. Cons Usage Lake touring, light rivers, yoga

We bought two of these for our rental program because we thought they'd be durable but have been largely unhappy with them. They are somewhat durable but seem to get scratched and gouged surprisingly easy. Definitely very heavy and unwieldy. It would be very difficult for anyone except the strong to put on top of a car without another person or two. Performance wise they are unwieldy to use and seem to neither turn well or go straight well. I have no idea why they are listed on here as whitewater capable boards because I'd rather swim whitewater than go on this. We bought NRS Baron 6 boards after our experience with the Traverse and will be getting rid of these at the end of the year. Would not recommend. Pros Somewhat Durable Cons Heavy, very difficult to handle for one person, Usage Lake