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Did a lot of research re inflatables, and decided to buy this new product. It is really very different than any other inflatable, and I have to say I am very happy with it. Quality of construction is excellent. Performance is way better than any other inflatable due to it's unique drop stich high pressure design. I have several conventional inflatables, and two ocean-going rigid kayaks. I would say its performance, tracking, and stability is only slightly below my rigid ocean going kayaks. A couple things to note. Is it really a kayak at all? Technically you would have to say it's a one person high performance canoe. You don't really sit on top, you sit in it, but it doesn't have a deck. so it's really not quite like any other kayak. But it works great. It has what a marine architect would call a "Hard Chine Design", meaning it has a flat bottom that turns sharply into the hull sides. It therefore feels different than a conventional round bottom design. When you first sit in it it will seem "tippy". With a round bottom design the force to tip the boat is almost the same for the first 10 degrees of roll as the the last 10 degrees before it completely looses stability and rolls over. With a hard chine boat the first 10 degrees of roll requires very little force, but as the sides come into play it gets harder and harder to roll the boat further. This is why when you first sit in it it seems a bit unstable, but as you use it you will realize it's actually more stable than a conventional round bottom boat. This allows for a narrower hull profile, and greater performance. Perfect Kayak for someone with limited storage, or who doesn't want the expense, and hassle of roof racks, but doesn't want an inflatable toy with poor performance.